********** PRESENT LOCATION **********
We are home! 

DONE! 27,000 miles 28th August 2011 – 25th Feb 2013! 6 chains, 6 front sprockets, 4 rear sprockets, 8 oil filters, 20 lites of 10w40 Castrol, 2 batteries, 1 idle regulator, 1 drowned bike, 2 jump starts, 8 pairs of tyres, 2 punctures, 2 new indicators, countless bulbs, 2 water pumps, 1 clutch cable, 2 steering head bearings, 4 spark plugs, hundreds of cable ties and miles of duct tape, oh and 2 rear shocks!.  


At some point in one’s life, you ask yourself, ‘what is all this about?’ For us, it seemed that life was running away with us and we were living to work, not working to live.

In July 2010 we tied the knot, knowing it was a life changing event. But both being of the same mind, we needed something more, something that really would give us that ‘something to tell the grandchildren’. Our honeymoon to Cambodia took us on a mini adventure into the wilderness, and what better way to travel through the undergrowth than on two Honda 250 cc motorbikes!

Upon our return, we knew we had found the way to travel – motorbikes can  get you everywhere. When it’s too far to walk, you can get there. When it’s too narrow to drive, we could zip through. Ancient civilizations and long-lost temples suddenly seemed accessible.

And of course there was the burning desire to do something amazing – something that would allow us to see some of the World, experience other cultures, learn new ways of life and most of all, live.

In January 2011 we took the plunge; we quickly settled on South America, being a continent of ancient civilizations, ruined temples (Take 2) and the Amazon rainforest. Beyond the jungle was the New World of real life and modern architecture. Beyond that again was Canada – a Scotsman’s back garden but a hundred-fold bigger – and Vancouver, one of the most vibrant cities in the World.

Thus, an idea had formed. We began our preparations by booking a cargo ship that would set sail from London in late August 2011, headed for Buenos Aires in Argentina… the long road up to Vancouver lying ahead.

So having booked the ship, at this point, we thought we had better learn how to ride motorcycles…!!!


47 Responses to THE TRIP

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  2. Nino says:

    hello everybody 😀

    • Hello Nino!

      How are you?? Sorry we didn’t see you in Shell before you left!

      Perhaps we will see you in Germany or England one day?

      Chris & Chloe

      • Nino says:

        we landed on another airport then you 😀 because that we didn’t see you

      • Isobel says:

        Hi Chris and Chloe,
        I’m really looking forward to reading about the last leg or two of your trip soon, what a wonderful thing you’ve done!
        Down homey at Langthorne St I’m about to have the front path rebuilt and remember Chris, you talked about the two being done together. There is just enough York stone here for both paths, so if you still want to do that let me know and I’ll crack on with it. The builder’s calling sometime this week 🙂 at last!
        Had the house and garden feng shui’d last week, so lots of changes about to happen here.
        My warmest wishes to you both, Isobel

  3. Ivan Lunario says:

    hola chris y chloe…
    Soy Ivan espero que esten bien en Bolivia, y darles las gracias por la iniciativa de ayudarnos con la biblioteca, es algo muy importante para nosotros compartir tiempo con ustedes. Nos vemos en el trabajo ok. 🙂

  4. Robert Kelly says:

    Yeah, best of luck for your event. I also like the advantures, but i dont have any opportunites to give it. So, enjoy your travel with your parrents and take care of yourself and your family also.
    thanks with lots of blossoms.

  5. mattias says:

    Ey.. chicos… ¿por donde andan ahora?.. bueno un abrazo desde Cordoba , Argentina.. que la pasen bien.. y disfruten mucho de la vida. Cariños , Mattias Molina , your Spanish teacher from COINED.-

  6. David & Sheila Howarth says:

    Hi Chloe & Chris
    First time on just been talking to Chloe,s mum in the shop she brought us uptodate with your progress and mishaps , having seen you photos, what a trip two of our grandchildren did the simlilar trip 2 years ago but not on bikes.even though you are so far away I am amazed at the communications we get from you we feel that we are there with you.
    best wishes
    David & Sheila

  7. hash says:

    Gday gday to chris and Chloe and the two motor cycles.

    Just having a look through your blog and wow it looks to be an amazing journey so far, and it feels like forever since I bumped into you back at the south side of lago desierto. Its good to see a few photos from Tortel and chochrain and the caraterra austral, brings back some good memories.

    An update on myself, I have finally made it beautiful Vancouver city in Canada, well its beautiful on the odd occasion the sun decides to show itself. for the most park its greey and cold but when the sun is out it really is beautiful.

    After seeing you off after dinner in el chalten, I spent the next so many days hiking on the trails and camping at the free camps. I eventually made it to Torres del paine and hiked what was open of the park. from punta arenas I flew back north to santiago then to San pedro de atacama, a very touristy town in the middle of the desert, but it does have a unique vibe to it, you can spend your days sandboarding, mt biking or visiting a few of the attractions in the area. from there went north in to Peru, did not end up doing much there, as I lost my bank card and was in a bit of mess and decided to eventually fly straight to Vancouver.

    Ps I ended up leaving a quarter of my bag back in el chalten, and never missed it for a minute. 😀


  8. bentancourt says:

    q lindas la fotos q suben .Que sigan bien familia bentancourt

  9. Evelyn and Paul Whitney says:

    Hope all is going well and that you had a great time with your Mum and Dad when they visited recently. We are going to be Grandparents! David and Natalie are expecting a baby in July so we are all thrilled.
    Chloe – hope your knee is better now
    love from Ev and Paul x

    • Hi Ev & Paul,
      Yes, time with parents was great, thanks! Great news about Natalie and David – please give them our congratulations, with lots of love and hugs too of course!
      Hope all is well with you both at home.
      Much love, C&C x

  10. Ruth Granger says:

    Good luck for the new year guys!

  11. ian & Valerie Higham says:

    Hi Chloe and Chris

    We note are now heading north and tomorrow (Friday 16th December) we are celebrating your mum’s birthday with a trip round the Christmas markets in Manchester. Before we go for an Italian meal we will ride the Big Wheel in the Triangle. Kevin will be Joining us after for drinks Anna can’t make it because she is working. We will toast your mum at 18-00hrs raise a glass if you can to be part of the celebration.

    Love and best wishes for Christmas – May peace and happiness be with you both. Ian & Valerie X X X

  12. Annabel Sarah Nuttall says:

    I have looked through everything on here. It looks amazing. Im really happy for you both and hope you keep on enjoying the rest of youre travels 🙂 (plus you can give me advise when I plan my travelling!!)
    Take care,
    Love Annabel x

  13. Bolinha says:

    Chris and Cholé
    somos os Brasileiros que tivemos com voces na Península Valdés,
    que façam uma linda viagem.

  14. Marcelo says:

    Hi guys..! this my first time writing on your blog….
    Enjoy your trip……I’ll be waiting for youy as I said.
    Good luck!

    Please, if you need something , contact to me. I have many bikers friends around……

  15. Barry Silsby says:

    good luck!

  16. Chris G says:


  17. Salut Chris & Chloé

    I dont speak english but I try.

    “De la viande hachée pour 5 personnes”

    Meilleurs saltutations de Chasconus

    Michel & Solange

  18. Ieuan says:

    Trying not to be jealous…. and failing.!
    Have an amazing trip and take care

  19. jono says:

    update pls

  20. Ruth Granger says:

    Hi Chloe Christopher, try number7
    Have run out of words ,so impressed now a camera man,the inspection to the chamber-maids cleaning ability shows such eye for detail…………
    Keep enjoying and sharing your great adventure love as always.

  21. john in ratcliffe says:

    Looking forard to your progress here in Ratcliffe
    love & best wishes from all of us

  22. Ruth Granger says:

    this is the forth time

    have fun, have laughs and lots of adventures
    lots of love, lots of luck
    yer Mum xx

  23. Ruth Granger says:

    HI my luvs,this is the third time trying this(leave a reply)hope you get it.
    Have fun, have laughs,and great adventures love you lots…..

    Mum xx

  24. Tim and Jan says:

    agree about the underpants – very important

  25. Judith, Phil, Annabel and Oliver says:

    The adventure begins. Enjoy yourselves, take care and keep us all posted with your updates.
    Love to you both, Aunty Judith.

  26. Zoe Reisman says:

    Hola! Hope your spanish is coming along better than mine! Just registering for my updates! Hope all is well! Safe travels! xxxxx

  27. Miss Norris says:

    Dear Chris & Chloe,

    I was looking for a quote to sum up what I wanted to say, then I realised that I am more than capable of saying what I want to say. Perhaps I’ll come up with something so profound that people will quote me…then I realised that they already do…I’m pretty sure that I came up with ‘Yo’!! haha

    You are both feeding your souls with the biggest, healthiest feast and to that I’ve one thing to say ~ Bon Appétit!!

    {Just for the record I’m really quite proud of myself coming up with that whilst sitting in my bed, first thing (ahem…well 10.32am) on a Sunday morning!!}

    I wish you both a safe, fun & splendid journey and I very much look forward to your updates.

    Loves always,
    jo xxxxx

  28. Char Moore says:

    Safe travels you two. Sit back and wallow in the time that the crossing is giving you. The Adventure has already begun. Its manic here. We have delayed leaving two days to finish working on the bikes and they are still not as perfect as Gabe would like them. We also didnt get our Pakistan visa so no riding all the way to India. Plans are a changing….which is something we’re embracing. Cant wait to keep up to date with your blog. We need to get one too! Big love. Keep safe and have fun. Char and Gabe

  29. John Horam says:

    Sorry it has been so so slow,but will be quicker when va-va-voom on the bikes.A good idea those;should be reasonable weather too in the summer down south;winter is closing in here;not so good for bikes.Buses better here,but probably a bit infrequent in Paraguay.Keep in touch;and keep well.John

  30. Judith says:

    Have a great time. Would love to be with you, but John doesn’t ride a motor-bike! Big love, Judith

  31. Terry says:

    We’ve been tracking your boat online. I’m still looking for a real-time satalite image feed so be careful if you decide to sunbathe in the buff (that goes for you too, Chloe).

    Have fun,


  32. Trish Granger says:

    Come on, take the journey
    you, me and all, take the step
    no matter time or distance
    all irrelevant
    for a broken spirit the longest journey
    is to the front door to open it

    Reach out, give, take,
    challenge the road, the journey calls
    inside out, outside in
    open your soul, your heart
    let it be the bridge
    to walk your journey

    Fly with the wings of the thought
    feel with the wisdom of yesterday
    burry the sorrow, make place for the new
    rejoice in what will come and dare
    give way, don’t let nothing frighten you
    just make the journey of the heart

    Im sooooooo proud of both of you…..and so pleased you’re doing this trip together. Just ‘Love every minute’ and for every minute you dont, remember those minutes when you did;)
    Will watch your trip with baited breath…..take care;)
    lots of love Trishxxx

  33. Graham E C says:

    Good luck!

  34. Anna says:

    looking forward to new posts and new photos! 🙂 good luck! miss and love you both! x

  35. marianne and richard says:

    Don’t forget your underpants….

  36. Anthony & Jean says:

    Don’t forget to email! Ant & Jean x x

  37. tarry says:

    Was nice to meet u both,good luck with your trip, tarry (Mr sai

  38. Penny Granger says:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May Pachamama hold you in the palm of Her hand.

    Much love to you both

    Penny and Elika

  39. Rosie says:

    Have a fab time Rusty and Squeak!

  40. kaisohlins says:

    good luck guys, have a cracking time from everyone at KAIS suspension

  41. Julie Fuller says:

    Good luck to you both we will be watching your blog with interest, much love Julie and Mike. xxx

  42. Allyson Black says:

    Enjoy your travels, stay safe, stay in good health and stay in love with each other and your dreams!
    Lots of love

    Allyson and Colin x x x x x x

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