22nd APR 2011 – THE FIRST BLOG!

Finally finished our blog site for the big trip that you have (probably!) all heard so much about!

The first long(ish) trip is planned for mid May when we travel to Wells in Somerset to have Chloe’s custom-made pannier rack fitted on her bike. Our friends at zenoverland are manufacturing a bespoke rack (especially for us) that will comfortably carry the soft  expedition panniers that will hopefully last us to Vancouver – as long as Chloe doesn’t drop the bike too often!

We have also registered for the Horizons Unlimited Meeting at Lumb Farm in Derbyshire. Once we are fully kitted up we will be heading into the Peaks for 4 days of camping, motorbike (adventure) lectures, demonstrations and beer!

Check out the Horizons Unlimited website if you think you might be interested!

Chris&Chloe x

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4 Responses to 22nd APR 2011 – THE FIRST BLOG!

  1. Will you still be there on the 26th sunday as i am will come over for the last day working weekend

  2. Miranda Long says:

    Looking forward to following your blog! -x-

  3. Richard Scott says:

    Sounds like your prepping well. Squeak needs a bit more practice by the sound of it.

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