CHRISTMAS WISHES (and a funny fact!)

As you will all know, we published our last blog last Saturday.

Rather surprisingly (or not) more people read the blog on Monday (between 9am & 5pm) than the total number of hits on saturday and sunday combined! We wonder why?! Who’d be a boss at Xmas? 🙂

Again, we’d just like to say a big thank you to all of you who read, enjoy and comment on our blogs! We have been quite surprised by the number of visits we get to the site and we love reading what you have to say – it would just get too much to start replying individually, but be assured we do read every one and they all make us smile!

So please, do keep commenting!

Merry Xmas
Love Chris & Chloe x

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9 Responses to CHRISTMAS WISHES (and a funny fact!)

  1. Hey, nice blog! It has been a pleasure to spend the last few days with you guys and the whales.
    Hope your plans didn’t get messed up by the fire in Torres del Paine! ( It’s such a shame, we wandered in that area just a few days ago and enjoyed the the fresh air, lush forest and amazing views of the Grey Glacier…
    See you in Santiago in a few weeks?

  2. And a Happy New Year to you both’re missing out on some lovely,low grey cloud,constant drizzle,wild winds and cold.You must be SO envious? Yeah,right! Takecare,have fun.

  3. Nick Kent says:

    Happy Christmas to you both. Glad Chloe is ok. Looks like you are having a great time and the hospitality is amazing. Keep the posts coming as it brightens up my week following your progress. Take care both
    Nick and Jean

  4. Miranda long says:

    Have a great Christmas guys, whatever you’re doing! Mwah, mwah! -x-

  5. Sue says:

    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
    Take care,
    Love Sue and JP xxx

  6. Miss Norris says:

    Dude & Dudette….wishing you both a most marvelous Christmas – one you won’t forget I’m sure!!

    Love to you both

  7. Laura & Ian says:

    Hi Chris & Chloe
    We were a bit dismayed to see Chloe injured & Laura was sad to see the formerly immaculate ‘yogi’ disfigured but I suppose that’s what adventure is about…
    We are loving the continuing posts – (just like a free adventure novel!) – keep it up & take care.
    Ian & Laura

  8. Denise jenkins says:

    Hey guy’s, hope your enjoying the festivities where ever you may be! all the best with your travels and for 2012, hope your legs getting better Chloe! Have a good one! Denise xxxxx

  9. Rick Walker says:

    Greetings from all in Crosby!

    We are following your journey and various incidents with great interest. But please try to concentrate on the former and not having quite so many latter. Hope that Chloe is no fully recovered.
    We had a great opening and celebration of the SDports Centrelast week and i wassurprised that Mike didn’t fly you both home to join in the procedings – we all raised a glass to you.

    Have a great Christmas wherever you are, and happy blogging!


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