On the 3rd September 2011 we left Tilbury Docks in London with our fully laden bikes, travelling by sea to Argentina with Grimaldi Freight Services. The journey lasted approximately 5 and a half weeks but we did stop off at the following ports taking in the scenery as we went along.


clicking on the following map gives you a flavour of the journey

Once on South American Tierra Firma, we then plan to ride from Buenos Aires to Vancouver through the following countries;

Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Colombia 

across the Darien Gap (by boat)

Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Honduras – El Salvador – Guatemala – Belize – Mexico – USA

clicking on the following map gives you an idea of our planned route

The 15,000 mile road trip ends with the crossing of the United States of America, (via the west coast road), and into Canada where we hope to spend a year or two, skiing, sailing, sunning ourselves, living & working in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fingers crossed the Visas come through!

THE LATEST…..  In October 2012, after one year of travelling, we decided that the proposed ‘living and working’ in Vancouver would probably not happen. We came to this conclusion based on several factors – firstly, the visa is taking far too long to process, and they now need updated information which will be very difficult to sort out from over here. Secondly, by the time we reach Vancouver sometime in 2013, we will be ready to go home!!! 

Revised plan…. Reach Vancouver, spend a few weeks skiing, enjoying and relaxing a little, then carry on riding the bikes across the country towards the east coast and Halifax. From here we can ship the bikes back to the UK and return home after 18 months or more of travelling the Americas! Not bad for a morning’s planning!



14 Responses to ROUTE

  1. Wow you guys are so adventurous. Really inspiring. Keep living life to the fullest.

  2. Darren says:

    Good luck guys and registering for updates.


  3. Rob says:

    amazing to read all about that – makes me very envious – but perhaps it can inspire me 🙂

    Hope you have an amazing time x

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  5. Rick Walker says:

    Thinking of you and wondering why I didn’t do something similar (As if i didn’t know!)

    Have a really great time and don’t give any thought to those of us who are completing your last project for you!

  6. Simon Marsh says:

    REALLY GREAT to see you today Chloe 🙂 I’ve signed up for updates and it’ll be a joy to follow your progress. Love and encouragement for you and Chris from all your many friends and grateful admirers at Keep in touch, look after each other, and have a fabulous time. We’ll be thinking of you. Simon xx

  7. Laura & Ian says:

    Best of luck guys – ride hard but ride safe and dont forget to keep the pictures coming. Videos too and maybe the DVD will fund the next adventure. Ian has the travel bug and has booked India with a possible plan to go over to Cambodia and try out the biking . . . . Hmmmmm i wonder if I could get time off work??

  8. Stewart Mowatt says:

    It was good to meet you both at the HU Travellers Meeting and hear of your plans. I wish you every good luck on your travels and will follow your progress with interest. Ca canny, bravehearts.
    Stewart Mowatt

  9. Caryn McConnachie says:

    You guys are totally intrepid!!!!!! This sounds amazing…..I’ll be following your trip with absolute awe……good luck!!!!
    caryn xxx

  10. Wishing you best of luck on your adventure you lucky people Mark Dightam

  11. It’s motorcycle diaries but much BIGGER! I’ll be watching this epic all the way, just go easy on starting any revolutions except the bike wheels. Have fun, life is an adventure not to be missed. The Mighty One lives on. Viva la revolucion.

  12. Paul and Laura says:

    woooo hoooo!!!!

  13. Tim and Jan Ratcliffe says:

    WOW!!!!! Great to see you yesterday – and what news! Keep us up to date – we will log on and watch from a safe distance!! Jx

    • Hi Both! Glad you like! If you tick the box at the end of the comment section, it signs you up to be notified everytime we update something on the blog which seems a good idea!
      Sorry we missed you Tim, but hopefully we will be able to see you before we leave!
      much love x x x

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