As of the 19th of April 2011 we are planning on taking, and have now gathered, most of the following items. However this is liable to change at any time once we start packing with a vengance, but it does give you a flavour of what our luggage looks like.


Passport & Driving licence
Vehicle registration document (laminated copy)
International driving permit (expires in 12 months)
Multiple copies of all the above (emailed to ourself, friends & family)
Credit cards
Address book (electronic)
Maps (rough guides / water proof maps)

10” wireless laptop
Electronic copy of BIKE Manual
Garmin nüvi® 2200 GPS Navigation

Camera (Panasonic GF1), lenses, mini tripod 10 x 4gb SD Cards
Head torch x 2
Maglight x2
Leatherman x2
Sewing kit / Safety pins
Small padlocks / combination lock
Stove (MSR – Pocket Rocket) ???? multi fuel ?????
Pans (MSR)
Mug 2 x Sleeping bag
2 x Thermarest
Tent and tent pegs (Vango – Omega 350)

1 Set Soft Panniers (Andy Strapz Expedition Panniers 2 x 25lt) – Chloe
1 set Metal Mule Panniers (2 x 35 litres) – Chris
Wolfman Rainier Tank Bag M217 – Chloe

Tucano Urbano Tank Bag – Chris

Tucano Urbano 80ltr Dry bag each

Other smaller dry bags to fit within panniers


… and we each have the following

Uvex Enduro Helmet (Chloe)

Shoei flip lid Helmet (Chris)

Motoinfinito all season 3-way riding Jackets
Motoinfinito all season riding Pants

Tucano Urbano waterproof  jackets                                        Visit Tucano Urbano
Tucano Urbano Gloves (summer)
Tucano Urbano Gloves (winter)
Tucano Urbano Silk glove inners

Tucano Urbano Neck windbreakers
Tucano Urbano windproof thermals
Tucano Urbano Scarf / Turtle neck                                      read our reviews of TU kit                           

Warm Fleece for riding

Camel back each
Trials Riding Boots (for ankle support & comfort)
1 x Kidney Belt / tool belt (Kriege Tool Roll) – Chris


2 x casual trousers

2 x casual shorts – Chris

2 x casual skirts – Chloe

3 x synthetic T-shirts
1 x warm jumper
5 x underwear
5 x warm Socks

Casual shoes / walking trainers
Swim wear


Travel towels
Soap / Shampoo (Savon d’Alep)
Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Universal sink plug
1 tube of liquid laundry
1 tube of washing up liquid


supplemented with-

Various dressings /  bandages

Micropore tape
Antiseptic cream

Re-hydration salts
Insect repellents
Anti-malarial tablets
Antihistamine tablets
Rubber gloves (ooh doctor!)
Insect repellent / Deet Spray (incognito)
Sun block
Calamine cream
Sterile kit (syringes, needles, IV kit)
Drugs for bowel control (to stop and start it!)
Thermal Space Blanket

Luggage straps
Bungee straps
2 x Disc lock

Spanners 10 mm to 19mm CLOSED END!!
Sockets 10 & 13 (1/4 inch drive)
3/8 drive – T30 T40 T45
5mm allen 6mm 8mm
13mm 10mm socket
18mm spark plug spanner
Ratcheting screwdriver with compartment

Torx T20 T25 T30
Allen Keys 5mm 6mm
Mini socket ratchet with extension and swivel
Screw drivers with variety of bits
Mole grips
Needle nose pliers / Wire clippers
Adjustable spanner +24mm (by motion pro)
Mulit meter
Electrical tape & duct tape (wrapped on pencil)
Tyre levers (2) with 24 & 19mm spanner small (by motion pro)
Tyre pressure gauge
Tow rope
Puncture repair kit (tube & tyre)
Chain breaker / riveter

Clutch port
Rubber gloves (suits you sir!) / Rag
Zip ties small med large
Clutch and brake lever x 2
Air compressor
Throttle cable
Clutch cable
2 part epoxy
Jump start leads (home made)
Mirror Clamp bolt
Chain – 6 links and several master links
Chain master link / O rings / master Clips
Panel screws / Sub frame bolts – random bits
Brake pads (front and rear) Sprockets (front & rear) x 2


8 Responses to KIT

  1. Janet Russel says:

    Hi Chloe
    Just wondered how you found the Andy Strapz luggage. I like the idea of soft panniers for the weight, but am not sure how secure they are, how easy to get off and on, etc. My husband and I will be travelling from Alaska to Ushuaia next year and he has the hard Touratech boxes on his bike. Any feedback you could give me would be very much appreciated.
    Janet (New Zealand)

  2. ian & Valerie HIGHAM says:

    Thank’s for a great BBQ yesterday.

    Please let me have the full name of your ship so we can track you on www,

    See you both before you leave

    Ian & Valerie

  3. Gabriel Langlands says:

    Are you not taking a tent? Hilleberg tents are amazing.
    Does Chloe’s bike have heated grips too? I’ve never used them and my fingers often go waxy and yellow like a dead man’s. Maybe I’ve just got dreadful circulation, but it’s happened in Spain in August in the rain. On the plain.
    I would drop the maglites and stick with head torches. They’re lighter and the batteries are tiny and last much longer.
    For water purification, if you can get a couple of grams of iodine christals and put them in a 50ml bottle of water, after an hour the water holds the right amount of iodine to purify 1l of water. Just pour off the solution and top it up. It lasts forever.
    I’m flippin envious…

    • Good tips gabe, need to remember those… so with the iodine, once you have drunk your 1ltr, presumably you need to do it again? Or can you keep drinking say 30ml, then topping up again? How long could you do that before the iodine has been diluted so much it’s not doing it’s job…??
      Great news about babe 🙂 keep us up to date!
      C x

  4. Nick Kent says:

    Keep 1 credit card in the bottom of your boot incase you venture off the beaten trail (i suspect you wont go any where near the beaten trail

  5. Pete says:

    Should you know how to use all those bits of kit, you could start a degree programme!

  6. Ian Wood says:

    Ahh, reading through the kit list I see a vital product missing, well I don’t think I saw it – GAFFA TAPE !

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