17 JAN 2012 – Chile and Argentina on film

During our short time in Argentina and Chile we have been taken through deserts, forests, small towns and remote back country. We wanted to share a few of these spectacular back drops with you, we hope you enjoy. x

(WARNING – if the film below does not work in your email software, you may have to go directly to our blog and watch it from there (click here) )

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7 Responses to 17 JAN 2012 – Chile and Argentina on film

  1. Pete says:

    Cool. Loved it, and what a way to start a Friday!

    Got to say: open road, motorbikes and Free Bird (the whole track!) – shedding a little tear here.

    Bloody love you guys…

  2. Gillian Harrison says:

    Love it…better than an episode of Top Gear (seriously…Top Gear is rubbish these days!).

  3. Billy Ainsworth says:

    Excelents your video and pictures

  4. Anna Yeung says:

    Ps the ride looks so much fun!! the scenery is amazing! Feel like I was there riding along side you guys! X

  5. Anna Yeung says:

    Great video! 🙂
    Chloé: what did you say to Chris @ 1:33? 😀

  6. chris mcconnachie says:

    Good work guys, Got that camera working again!

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