Tucano Urbano have very generously supplied us with a large amount of our riding kit and clothing. Here we would like to share a few words about the items we are using.

All the kit, from dry bags to thermals are of the highest quality materials, as well as superbly made for durability. And of course being Italian, it is all very stylish!

Tank Bag – Large tank bag with clear map case and waterproof pull-over cover.  Although the cover does balloon a little if used when riding, it is particularly useful when parked up. A cover hides all the pockets and visually deters a chance thief from easily slipping open a zip. The tank bag also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying when off the bike. Great quality and good design, incorporating lots of pockets and double zips.

Dry Bags – 80ltr (also available in 40ltrs) – Even the dry bags are designed to a tee! The dry bags include an extra folding lip, stitched within the main opening and an air valve to enable you to get all that air out once sealed. Rucksack straps allow you to throw it over your shoulder once removed from the back of the bike – excellent when carrying panniers, helmets and the like! The best dry bags on the market by far! Our Outer Hebridean trip saw us riding back through 5 solid hours of torrential rain. Not pleasant in the slightest – nothing leaked, except Chloe’s small non-TU dry bags… lesson learnt!

Summer Jacket – We both have the waxed cotton, short motorcycling jackets, Giacca Steve for Chris and Queen AB for Chloe. Wonderfully stylish but also tough waxed cotton that is incredibly hard-wearing. Waterproof for when one gets caught out in those summer storms, as well as being cool and breathable. Looks good with jeans for nipping around town as well as off into the outback! Both have the facility to be armoured. Pockets on the outside and inside. Great for all round general use on and off the bike. Again, quality excellent.

Waterproof Jackets – Chloe has the Ladies Bora waterproof long jacket. Classic Barbour-style jacket with outside and inside pockets. This jacket is multi-functional, suitable for all year round use. As Chloe suffers from being a girl and getting cold very easily, this waterproof outer also has removal padded lining. It’s stylish so can be worn on or off the bike, as an over-jacket or alone depending on temperature – for Chloe, a perfect combo.  Chris, being a warm-blooded male, opted for the traditional Diluvio lightweight waterproof rain jacket which is a classic outer raincoat, folds up into a small little package that is easy to carry around and whip out when required.  Both have the option to add armour if wearing alone. As with all Tucano Urbano kit and clothing, the designs are well thought out and the quality of fabric and manufacture is faultless. Both have been tested in the heavy northern UK rain including the five hours of torrential rain on the way back from Scotland. Horrible riding, but we were as dry as a bone at the end!

Summer Gloves – We both have a pair of the New Mrk mesh summer gloves. The quality is evident, all seams are double stitched and despite the material being light weight and mesh-covered for maximum air-flow, they are still hardy and feel robust. The knuckles have hard inset protectors, giving peace of mind for those who regularly get into scrapes! We’ve used them out and about in the warm summer sun in the UK and they’ve been excellent so far. Looking forward to testing them in the equatorial climates of South America. Sizing quite small so consider getting the next size up.

Winter Gloves – So far we have had more use out of these in the UK than the summer gloves! We both have a pair of the Grahund winter gloves. They are toasty warm, thermally padded like good ski gloves. They also have hard knuckle inserts and a rubber visor wipe which has had a lot of use so far! Again, great quality & robust detailing.

Thermals – As our trip is going to take us south into the southern hemisphere’s winter, we know it is going to get pretty cold before we begin to head north into the warmer climates. Thermals are therefore essential. We have both got a pair of the Polo Nord thermals, sleeved vest and long johns. They are truly amazing! Fleece lined, elasticated for a snug fit, but the best bits are the wind-breaker panels! One step on from skiing thermals, these have what motorcyclists really need, and that is protection from the wind. The front is protected where wind can get in between zips, but also the knees and thighs which take the brunt of the weather. Wonderfully warm and effective so far (used in the Scottish highlands), we would recommend these to anyone. Further testing will be carried out in the cold winds of Patagonia.

WB Scarf Collar – Again, thinking of Patagonia, we have thermal wind-breaker scarfs that sit on the shoulders. Although not tested to the max yet, so far they are proving to be effective and comfortable. Watch this space.

Silk Liners – We have Excalibur liners for both helmet and gloves. Liners are a great idea because they are easily washable and prevent your gloves/helmet getting clogged up with sweat and grime. Silk liners are better than man-made fabric as they allow your skin to breathe in the summer yet retain heat in the winter. Tucano Urbano’s silk liners are all 100% silk with no added fibres – again only the best for TU! A bit of a luxury for us, but something we will definitely be thankful for in hot or cold climates.

Other accessories – Tucano Urbano also supplied us (Chloe!) with some casual clothing for off-the-bike wear. Chloe will be packing a couple of T-Shirts and a canvas skirt for her leisurely days. The t-shirts are stretchy cotton and wonderfully comfortable (TU-code lady t-shirt). The canvas skirt (mini canvas) is tough canvas with shorts behind a front skirt-panel, allowing Chloe to feel like a girl while also having the practicality of wearing shorts for trekking or climbing boulders! Perfect all round. Chloe also got a wonderfully warm and multi-functional wooly neck warmer that can also be converted to a hat (cappello sharpei), and Chris got a scarf for those cool nights under the stars (lagotto q).

As a general note on clothing, Italian sizing is generally much smaller, so ensure sizes are checked out via a conversion table if you are considering looking at any of TU’s clothing for yourselves.  

General consenus on TU kit – amazing!


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